Are you at the threshold of your next step in personal and spiritual development, but don’t know what to do?
Have you discovered you’re in a creative desert?
Has your voice dried up?


Discover your truth. 
Awaken your creative voice.
Shift your state of being.

When you engage new levels of consciousness, the fiber of your being: mind, body, heart and soul, gradually shifts. Life transforms. 

If you’re wondering what your next step in your spiritual development is, we will work together to map your unique path and design your innate program of growth and discovery. 

Through energy alignment practices, creativity coaching and intuitive exploration I create sacred space – a portal for you to step into the life you’ve envisioned.


Every woman alive today contributes to the rising light on the planet. 

I can help you find your Spark of Divinity – your Purpose.
As you step into the truth of who you are, you radiate the light you came to BE.

You will go beyond the narrow confines of your current life, discovering a more creative approach to defining who you are, expanding into new ways of seeing yourself, and exploring possibilities.