As a healer I shift the complex dynamics of energy, soul and the power of choice to catalyze transformation for women seeking to embody a way of living steeped in creativity, the continual embrace of edges, and beyond.

Through artbundance coaching, energy alignment practices, psychic exploration, and soul realignment my healing services are a portal for you to step through when no other doorway appears.

At the highest and deepest level my work is about assisting and moving women into a place of power, change, and doing so in a feminine way. With the rise of the light on the planet and in feminine consciousness real change is a possibility.

What that looks like is dramatically different from person to person because there is no set paradigm to step into. The paradigm that exists now is old, outdated and reliant on dissonant masculine energy. 


This is where I enter.
I am here to help you face the absolute freedom and unprecedented creativity available to you at this moment in time. 
In working with me you'll experience a personal evolution.

You'll come to appreciate that intrigue and possibility replaces certainty and rigidity, and that ultimately the subtle and silence holds the key. Your body will acclimate to a totally different (more empowering) system of energy. Consequently things that once seemed impossible, shift.  These new ways of thinking, believing, and acting are possible because the energy of the planet is shifting as well.

This is the new frontier and where you must engage in order to truly create a life in alignment with your deepest souls truth.

About Me, Lee Pope:

My foundation springs from being a Science of Mind Minister for twenty years and a deep love and connection to Tai Chi since 1985. In addition, I am a graduate of the Cayce/Reilly® School of Massage, a Licensed Massage Therapist and Acupressurist. 

More recently, I've been immersed in the study of Crystalline Consciousness Technique®, Soul Realignment®, Lynn Andrews Mystery School, Flora Corona™ Practitioner Training, Deep Soul Writing with Janet Conner, and Artbundance® Creativity Coaching. My creativity has blossomed as I have studied online with Flora Bowly, Pixie Campbell, Alena Hennesy, Lisa Sonora Beam, Shiloh Sophia McCloud (I'm a cosmic cowgirl) and other talented women. I've used the power of the Internet to connect and study with wonderful teachers all over the world.

I invite you to explore the offerings available to you or learn more about my own personal story here.