"The first time I met Lee Pope, I felt safe. She has a gentle nature which accompanies the depth of her knowledge and strength of her skills. To say that Lee is a gifted healer doesn't capture the extent of how she works or her kindness and warmth. Lee is a clear and grounded energy practitioner who has depth and breadth in her ability to connect with clients as well as her healing craft. 

Not only have I personally benefited from Lee's acupressure sessions and Crystalline Consciousness Technique, I have referred friends and professional connections to her. She has consistently greeted them with the same warmth and compassion I have experienced. I LOVE having Lee as a resource for myself and for others in my life!"

-S K Thompson

" Little did I know how my life would change when I began to work with Lee Pope.  I was 27 years old and had just separated from my husband when I first walked into her office.  I was quickly captivated by her spiritual wisdom and healing power.  Her presence, emanating Love, Light, Truth and Wisdom allowed me to feel safe so that deep healing of my emotional wounds and pain could take place. In addition to healing some deep wounds, working with Lee facilitated a “coming home” to myself—to my Soul.  I began to remember who I really am and this allowed me to open to my life’s purpose.

 She was instrumental in leading me to my true calling as a healer.  My work with her set the course for my expression in the world for the next 20+ years.  Lee’s ability to transfer healing energies and spiritual wisdom is effective, profound and life changing.  I am always filled with deep gratitude for the time I worked with Lee and all that she did to guide me on my journey." 

- Lisa Hall

"CCT is quietly powerful. Be ready for major change! I experienced clarity and a sense of groundedness after each session. The intentions I set showed up in my life and without a lot of fuss, but also with no room for avoiding, changed the mindset from which I usually operated to a new and healthier one.  If you have tried other personal process methods to shift incoherent beliefs and still find them showing up in your life, I highly recommend a CCT session!"

"I had the good fortune of being pointed in Lee’s direction twenty-some years ago, at a time I was processing the death of my husband. Actually, what I thought was going to be a pleasant afternoon massage turned out to be a tender healing in the care of a loving spiritual guide; Lee helped me immensely. Not only was that visit a sweet surprise but it opened the door to what would become my practical/spiritual way of living - profound, to say the least! In our subsequent work together, I soon realized that Lee was/is truly “connected” and intuitive - one of those authentic wise women who knows just what is needed, whatever the situation.

She is not only experienced and talented in the myriad ways she works with an individual, but that deeply rooted sensitivity of hers allows her to be able to reach into her lovely bag of wisdom and resources, and from an array of marvelous gems she has gathered over the years, pull out the perfect prescription that is being called for at the time. Really amazing!  

Obviously, I can enthusiastically tell anyone who is looking for that very special and knowing angel to help them achieve balance and harmony of body, mind and spirit, you have come to the right place. Just don’t let Lee’s other-worldliness fool you; she is one of the most down to earth and approachable persons I have ever met. Along with my utmost admiration and respect for Lee and who she is, it is my honor and privilege to recommend her talents and abilities to you.  And you’ll be so glad I did!"

-C. T. Andrix

"Lee Pope is an exceptional guidance coach, mystic and energy healer. She has built  her foundational skills of 20 plus years experience of working in the field of the body’s dynamic energetic field into a new arena of divine awareness and the ability to guide one through life’s more perplexing and complex situations. Through her Archeology Coaching sessions, she was able to energetically call up the source of conflict and intuitively read the cause of the conflict. Once she guided me through an understanding of the cause she then used several modalities to clarify the source of the problem. I have received the complete CCT Tree of Life Series, and various other treatments from Lee. All of which have been immeasurable as to the effects on my life.

She is gifted and unique. 

She is not simply trained in various modalities she pulls from a divine source of wisdom that innately guides her on target with utmost clarity and she employs a blended skill source to seek the best healing for one’s highest good. I am an energy healer and extremely sensitive to energetic movements and influences in my energy field. I consider Lee to be of high integrity and she is the only one I trust to enter my field to work on it. I have had horrible experiences in the past with other energy workers who lacked integrity and have violated the sanctity of my field. Lee has helped me to undo the effects of these violations as well. I give her a gold star and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking spiritual and personal growth, to anyone who is tired of the old way of living in a routined pattern of circular habits to seek Lee’s guidance. She can help get your soul back into the rhythm and movement toward what you came in to actualize within your being. " 


Lee Pope has thirty years training and experience in the field of body mind spirit medicine. Lee’s sessions of healing and spirit bring strength and harmony to her client; heighten visionary abilities and a sense of well being. She has a unique ability to reach into the deep places and work with what is essential to restore equilibrium. I highly reccomend her skills to others.
— Ragan Reeves