My Story

My healing journey began in the mid-eighties. 

I was always psychic, knowing what the adults around me were thinking but not saying, when someone was angry or hurt or sad. I had precognitive dreams from babyhood. I had visions that came true. 

I waited for the wise teacher who would explain life to me and teach me how to deal with my sensitivity.  

The wise teacher did not come, and I found the people around me confusing. There were times I was extremely depressed. But periodically, there were inner whisperings of, "when you are thirty, you will understand."  I was one of those highly sensitive people that tried to block the overwhelming input that was frequently scary to me, so I was shut off to myself for many years.  

When I was thirty, I began to wake up. I started writing down the information that came from my insistent inner guidance. For two years, I had dreams of living in a new place, living alone for the first time in my life, and meeting people I did not then know. I would wake up every morning, terrified. 

One day, there was a tumultuous break in my life, and soon I found myself living in the place in my dreams, with the people in my dreams!  

My teachers began to appear and my spiritual training ensued.  Over the years, I have had formal training in a variety of healing modalities and spiritual disciplines, but much of my training has been from the teachers that showed up and became part of my life, who gave me so much and shared the journey with me.  In turn, I have shared with others what has healed me.

In 1989, I opened my first healing center, The Center for Holistic Therapies, in Virginia Beach after I graduated from the
Cayce/Reilly ® School of Massage.  I have studied many healing systems, including Bioenergy Therapy with Mietek and Margaret Wirkus, Electromagnetic Therapy with Alex Orbito, Reiki to Master Teacher level (three times!), Karuna Reiki, Rebirthing and Life Shift Breathwork, Kriya Yoga with several teachers and was initiated by Sri Hari Harinanda (right after I read Autobiography of a Yogi!).

I am a graduate of the Cayce/Reilly® School of Massage and a Licensed Massage Therapist.  I am also an experienced acupressurist, having served my community in this field for over 10 years at my healing center, The Temple, which is located in Norfolk, VA.  From the moment I stepped into my first Tai Chi class in the spring of 1985, there has been a non-stop unfolding of knowing spirit in my life. I have also been a Science of Mind Minister for twenty years.  

Recently, I have been immersed in the study of Crystalline Consciousness Technique™, Soul Realignment™, Lynn Andrews Shaman Mystery School, Flora Corona ™ Practitioner Training, “Deep Soul Writing” with Janet Conner and ARTbundance™ Creativity Coaching. 

My creativity has blossomed and I have been painting!  I’ve studied online with Flora Bowley, Pixie Campbell, Alena Hennesy, Lisa Sonora Beam, Shiloh Sophia McCloud (I belong to the tribe of the Cosmic Cowgirls!) and other talented women. I am a doll maker and have studied with wonderful teachers all over the world via the Internet.  

I share my life with my husband John, who makes all things possible, and Lilly, the Naughty Chihuahua, who is a darling force of nature.

I create a warm, safe and comfortable container for the work that I do with people.  

There are so very many times in the journey through life that we find ourselves in a liminal space.  A place that is suddenly not where you were, and not where you are going.  I specialize in that space.  I am a trustworthy guide through the desert of uncertainty.  I draw on my long experience on the path of spirit and my training to create a healing journey for each unique woman who enters my practice.  

You may come in for one session or for as long as needed or enjoyed.