Liminal Space Training

Tree of Life Series

A unique blending of my skills, training and craft.

When you enter into the mystery of the Liminal Space, the place of pure energy, where nothing is defined, you face a vastness that is indescribable.

This mysterious period of time is full of potential and possibility.

This Liminal Space Training package includes
SEVEN 1-hour sessions:

  • 1 Opening to Mystery Archeology Coaching Session
  • 5 Tree of Life Healing Sessions
  • 1 Center of Balance Archeology Coaching Session

We will begin with the Opening To Mystery Archeology Coaching Session, which will help you evolve a new Meta-Intention for your life and feel more stable and grounded

The healing effect of the Tree of Life series is gentle, yet very deep.  

Clear away the junk, the roots clinging to your present and past incarnations. Realign, anchor and awaken truth. Shift your souls coding.

This can be a time of radical change, in which the order of your existence can be redefined. You are free to eliminate anything that no longer resonates with you and align to the purpose of your incarnation in this lifetime.

In the time you are engaged in this process you may notice that your energy, relationships and life overall are different! The final Center of Balance Archeology Coaching Session will help you discover new ways that you will move forward in your life now.

7 Total Hours for $1200

"I have received the complete Tree of Life Series, and various other treatments from Lee. All of which have been immeasurable as to the effects on my life. She is gifted and unique. 

She is not simply trained in various modalities she pulls from a divine source of wisdom that innately guides her on target with utmost clarity and she employs a blended skill source to seek the best healing for one’s highest good. I am an energy healer and extremely sensitive to energetic movements and influences in my energy field. I consider Lee to be of high integrity and she is the only one I trust to enter my field to work on it. I have had horrible experiences in the past with other energy workers who lacked integrity and have violated the sanctity of my field. Lee has helped me to undo the effects of these violations as well.

I give her a gold star and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking spiritual and personal growth, to anyone who is tired of the old way of living in a routined pattern of circular habits to seek Lee’s guidance. She can help get your soul back into the rhythm and movement toward what you came in to actualize within your being. 

Let Lee get her wings of light wrapped around the pain and bring your lost soul parts back to you. Lee has the ability to see through the BS and into clear light, positioning your energetic posture facing forward and toward your soul’s actualization. 

Lee is gentle and warm yet she has energetic authority. She can reach unruly aspects of one’s being and guide them into a place of harmony within. "