Archeology Coaching with Energy Alignment Sessions

You're creative and brave.
You're full of heart and soul.

You spend hours daydreaming of a life, or an experience of life that is different from the one you are currently living. 

The paradigm for advancing in life’s journey has changed. Since 2012, there are new energies available to us. 

We are in charge of the dream of our lives.

In the new paradigm, you have the opportunity to more easily step into a new level of consciousness. 

Before you embark on the next phase of your journey, equip yourself with a new set of energetic skills that can anchor you to the updated, crystalline energies, giving you strength to manifest your dreams. 

Archeology Sessions are my way of initiating the process of shifting your energy, cellular intelligence, mind, body, heart, and soul with the new energy so that you are capable of truly being a creative, feminine force in the world.  

I offer varied levels of engagement:

  • Archeology Light Sessions
  • Archeology Deep Sessions
  • Archeology Mining
  • Liminal Space Training

What can I expect at the wrap of an Archeology Session?

  • A sweet soul exploration to uncover the jewels of awareness you need right now. 
  • A gentle, energetic healing alignment to anchor in your new intention.

Light Archeology Session

A perfect entry point to discover if working with me suits you well.

While I know the power *this work* holds, it's best for you to experience it first hand. In the light session we dive right into the heart of what has you unsettled.

Through Creativity Coaching, we will artfully explore and begin to restructure elements as well as the energies contributing to your present challenge. At the close of your session you'll be anchored in crystalline healing energy.

The Archeology Light session lasts 45 minutes and gives you a taste of what it’s like to work with me. This includes 15 minutes of Creativity Coaching and 30 minutes of Healing.

 (45 mins for $75)

Deep Archeology Session

The Archeology Deep session allows for an increased focus and attentive crystalline healing session.

Archeology Deep is suited for those with a desire to dive deeply into a challenge or block. It allows for artful exploration and Creativity Coaching coupled with a comprehensive energy session. 

Your session opens by using playful, creative writing and art tools as a way to activate your intuition and listen deeply to the voice of your heart. These tools bypass the stories we live in and quickly allow us to excavate the pearls of our inner wisdom.

The result? A powerful, yet gentle opening to the energies of the new crystalline paradigm. Reawakening your inner knowing that you are here to be a force for the rising light on the planet.

Come back as often as you'd like to this offering if a package doesn't call to you.

 (90mins for $120)

Mining Package

Dedicate yourself to the breadth and possibility by mining the deep wells within your soul. 

This package option includes:

  • 1 Archeology Light Session
  • 2 Crystalline Healing Sessions
  • 1 Archeology Deep Session
  • Email or phone support (up to 60 min.)

As you progress along the creative path of heart, you may wish for a deeper level of healing and energetic alignment to assist you in exploring the possibilities that are opening for you.

In the Mining Package we focus on refining and deepening your understanding of what the heart wants. You will clarify intentions to help you step forward with grace and ease. The process brings you into alignment with your own deep wisdom so you know what to do next in your life.

The Crystalline Healing portion of these sessions brings you into greater energetic alignment, further refines your light body and supports creative spaciousness. 

We close with Archeology Deep to anchor your new intentions, strengthen and stabilize your alignment to your purpose and bring you into new balance in the Crystalline healing energy.

The more you connect with the crystalline energy grids, the more access you have to your deepest knowing. Throughout the process, you will have additional email and phone support (a total of up to 60 minutes) to help you with the shifts and changes you may experience. 

 (4+ total hours for $497)

I’m not sure I can put words to the experience and results of my work with Lee Pope Healing (but I’ll try!). I began with a sense of feeling lost, of not knowing even how to find my direction and next steps in my life and career.

The effects of our work have been subtle yet profound. In my first session, Lee directed me to use a creative process to access unconscious information that turned out to help immensely in the week to come. The session ended with time on her table and I felt-sensed energy begin to move.

During the weeks between sessions, as I played-worked-created with the concepts and ideas that had come up in session, I became clearer in my understanding of my direction and the energy that is assisting me to move forward in my life.

Without Lee’s gentle guidance, I’m sure that I would have struggled and floundered for much longer than necessary.

As an additional benefit, I’ve noticed that my intuition seems clearer and stronger since I began to work with Lee. I feel so LUCKY to have found her and her work!
— S. K. T.
Lee Pope is an exceptional guidance coach, mystic and energy healer. She has built her foundational skills of 20 plus years experience of working in the field of the body’s dynamic energetic field into a new arena of divine awareness and the ability to guide one through life’s more perplexing and complex situations. Through her Archeology sessions, she was able to energetically call up the source of conflict and intuitively read the cause of the conflict. Once she guided me through an understanding of the cause she then used several modalities to clarify the source of the problem.
— Dana